"...a trippy Gesamtkunstwerk production incorporating everything from life-sized puppetry, film, and performance art to blacklight theatre, electronic music, dance, and lowkey pyrotechnics. Seriously: the scene’s fit for a bath salts hallucination as Katherine Kline, Jessica Mensch, and Emily Pelstring do their thing. The trio enters the performance space one big amorphous alien, only to shed their skin and reveal themselves wearing upside down masks." --Tom Beedham,

The Powers 25-minute multimedia set is highly adaptable and has been performed in various spaces ranging from living rooms to galleries to concert venues.


December 2014
The Zone, Montreal, QC
House show, Northampton, MA
Community Centre, Ithaca, NY
The Tate II, w/ Blevin Blechdom, Providence RI
Palisades, NYC

March 2015
Coolfest, La Plante, Montreal, QC
La Passe w/ Bill Nace and Jake Meginsky, Montreal, QC

May 2015
Obey Convention, Khyber Centre for the Arts, Halifax, NS

June 2015
Aurora, w/ Domestique, Blevin Blechdom, Providence, RI
a tattoo shop in Brooklyn, NY
a record store, w/ Bromp Treb, in Greenfield, MA

July 2015
La Plante w/ Blevin Blechdom, Montreal, QC
Poisson Noir w/ Pelada and Bernardino Feminielli, Montreal, QC

September 2015
PDA Projects, Ottawa, ON
Sonorium series, Gallows Hill Theatre, Salem, MA

December 2015
Pushing a Brain Uphill, Burlington City Arts Centre, Burlington, VT

February 2016
The Garnet, Peterborough, ON
Gallery 8-11 w/ Man Made Hill, Bile Sister, Wolf Cow, Toronto, ON

May 2016
The Dirt Palace, Providence, RI
No Exist No Fest, Montreal, QC
Doomis, Burlington, VT

November 2016
Tone Deaf Festival w/ Blevin Blechdom, Kingston, ON

June 2017
Masterpeace Theatre (livestream), Pender Island, BC

October 2017
Antimatter Media Art Festival, Victoria, BC

April 2018
Kazoo! Festival, Guelph, ON
Double Double Land, Toronto, ON

July 2018
VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC
Upside Studios, Victoria, BC
Turnturnturn, Portland, OR
Teatro de la Psychomachia, Seattle, WA

January 2019
Casa del Popolo, Montreal, QC

August 2019
The Dirt Palace, Providence, RI
Hart Bar, Brooklyn, NY
Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

November 2019
Indexical Festival, Radius Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA