A collaborative installation by The Powers 

Featuring excerpts from Sistership TV

In The Powers’ live streamed web series, Sistership TV (2018-2020), we sailed upon a metaphorical vessel to diverse environments, shape-shifting and moving between dimensions, exploring various topics: human-animal communication; the cyborg; telepresence; hysteria; witchcraft; hybrid beings; and panpsychism. For this installation, we translate the archived world of Sistership TV to the setting of a large, soft vessel, the Fortuna Perplexus, which is afloat in a sea of ephemera from the web series.

Fortuna is the Greek goddess of luck and fortune. Perplexus is Latin for entangled, ambiguous, and inscrutable. With this work, we reflect on energetic, economic, and material entanglements, making an experimental mess that we hope can lead to different forms of relation and help us imagine better worlds.

Performers in the included excerpts of Sistership TV are Violet Cutler, Joshua Mensch, Bevin Kelley, Josie Eccleston, Jillian Wakarchuk, Kyah Lloyd, James Irwin, Rue Sakayama, Greta Scheing, and Annelli S. Henriksson. Technical assistance by Hiba Ali, Blank Xu, Neil Cloaca Young, and Erin Corbett. Special thanks to Xander Morro and Pippi Zornoza at the Dirt Palace, Tom Hobson at Bump TV, Rob Houllahan, and Cam Miller at Queen’s University. The full version of Sistership TV includes many other collaborators and guests not included here.