Episode 2: "Medusa lols"

Streamed live from Bump Television in Toronto on June 7, 2019, 7PM EST

The Sisters embark on a quest in search of an externalized brain--the missing mind of one who has lost her shit. In the effort to heal her and return her to her body, the Sisters begin to channel a pantheon of supernatural entities, drawing energy from beloved ghosts. Medusa appears with some important information. With Special Guests Be Heintzman Hope (Wxmb Core), Violet Cutler, and Hiba Ali (H1BA).

Video still: Segment entitled “Medusa’s Body”, in which dancer/choreographer Be Heintzman Hope performs as a headless Medusa, reclaiming their body in a series of caves illustrated and animated by Emily Pelstring, wearing a costume made by Jessica Mensch, set to music by Sasha J. Langford. Collaboratively-developed, 4 minute short included in the program for Sistership TV, EP 3 “Medusa lols”.

Video Still: Music video for “Curses” by H1BA, the solo music project of Hiba Ali. In the video, the singer curses the military, partriarchy, and colonialism. Included in the program for Sistership TV, EP 3 “Medusa lols”.

Video still: Segment entitled “The Quest”, in which two of the Sisters are in search of their third. The third has misplaced her physical brain, which she finds nestled in some rocks, and tucks into her robe for later. The musical soundtrack for this segment was performed live by The Powers during the stream.